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Binding Financial Agreements

Are you thinking about moving in with your partner or planning to get married? Making a Binding Financial Agreement should be something that you also consider. A Binding Financial Agreement or BFA is an agreement that you and your partner can make in relation to your financial affairs and how they would be dealt with… Read more »

Warning to consumers turning to online providers for contract drafting

The Australasian Lawyer magazine editor has recently warned: “The increasing use of online services to draft contracts is providing businesses with false confidence and puts them at risk …while these contracts are easily accessible and affordable, the failure to use a lawyer in drafting or negotiating contracts can be extremely damaging to a client’s business.”… Read more »

Impact of new Act on residential buyers and sellers

In December 2014 a new Act commenced called the Property Occupations Act 2014 (Qld). This is a pleasing development of the law for buyers and sellers as an object of the Act is to “provide a way of protecting consumers against particular undesirable practices associated with the promotion of residential property” and to achieve this,… Read more »